First Jacket

Aye, what y'all thing about the name of the product "I love (olive) green"? I'm just so elated...LOL. It's been an emotional rollercoaster waiting on that dang on jacket!  Don't get me wrong I'm grateful for this FIRST experience of many, but baby, if y'all only knew the headache, heartache, backache this process has been.

An entire year ago, I planted this seed and looking at the mockup (my delusional dream) and seeing the sample {that ish was a windbreaker with sublimation and no zippers} What a freaking nightmare!!  Alex from Zega apparel was getting all my cutthroat opinions. He kept trying to convince me that I was going to like because he liked it. My heart was empty, but like they say, "you have to trust the process". 

And in trusting the process you heal your unbelief and it strengthens the bond you have with God and YOURSELF! Every experience offers lessons learned in order to better the next experience and I'm so grateful! Alex was right! I LOVE the jacket!!

I'm proud of MY first jacket!!! It's a very fun piece to have in my collection and I hope you add it to yours. Thank you so much for your support! 

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